My Opening Thoughts

I'm back! I decided to come back to my blog and renew submitting my thoughts. I had taken time away due to my job and wasn't sure if my thoughts should be put online. After some consideration I have decided, screw it, I am going to speak my mind.

Some of you are aware, I work in the fishing industry as a sales representative. I had been concerned that my thoughts would be tied to a company that I work for. Well, here is my get out of jail free card, these are my thoughts, mine, not yours, mine! If or perhaps WHEN I say something stupid, I am stupid, not a company that I represent. These are my thoughts.

My fishing style is simple, I am a finesse fisherman with a minor in heavy cover! Odd combo I know but something that has served me well over the years. I love to have a couple drop shot rods on the deck and a couple flipping sticks.

I consider myself a good fisherman. Not the best or I would be doing it for a living. I enjoy tournaments but seldom fish them anymore due to high costs.

I prefer natural lakes that are near my home. I live in the great state of Minnesota! Minnesota offers what I believe is the best bass fishing in the world. Sure we have ice for 5 months a year but that is what also makes it so good. I can travel 30 miles from my home and fish over a dozen lakes where I can catch 3 to 5 lb fish on a regular basis! More important then that, I can do it in August and also have 25 to 50 fish days along with those 5lb fish. Sure we don't have 20lb Monsters like they do in California but we have the most consistent 3 to 5lb fish in the nation.

With my background in the fishing industry I will also make comments on the industry and thoughts on products. I have one major bias and that is my boat, Bass Cat makes the best boat in the world! Well, there is also a second bias, Humminbird.

With that being said lets all enjoy the ride!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sport Show Season?

Well as the sports show season comes to an end I have to ask, where is the excitement? Years ago there was a buzz around the Northwest Sports Show, this year there just wasn't as much rah, rah.

I wonder, is it the internet that has slowed the shows? We get to see everything the second it hits the market, no waiting, and no wanting. With a click of a button the new bait is on the way. Perhaps that is killing some of the excitement. Perhaps it is the endless sales that run up to the shows. Gander, Cabela's, Bass Pro and every tackle website on the net are having sales and many of us are attending these events. If we have a question it will get answered before we ever get to downtown Minneapolis or where ever your show of choice is.

I still feel the show is important to the industry but I feel we as an industry need to find a new way to put our shows out to the public. I am open to ideas if anyone has one! LOL

A fellow rep made a great point at the recent Northwest Show, he commented on what seemed to be a huge age gap. There just doesn't seem to be very many 15 to 30 year old's walking the show. I hope we can come up with a way to change that trend.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Velvick Wins Clear Lake Event!

Way to go Byron! I for one will look past the bachelor and say you are a GREAT fisherman and say congrats!

Byron won the event on a Jerry Rago swimbait. I am very impressed by the whole deal and wish that I could better understand the whole swimbait deal. I have tried and tried but guess what, haven't got it done.

Swimbaits are the rage all over the country and I just haven't seen any success on them in my part of the country. Perhaps after this event and when my state's ice clears I will try them again.

If I do, I will keep you in the loop.

Hey Skeet, You need to be a Professional!

I am sure most of you are not like myself that lives and breaths bass fishing, but for those that do I am sure you are aware of what is called BassCast. It is a video feed that is put in the back of two BASS Elite Anglers per day and you can follow them online. Kind of a cool deal.

Well today 3/21/2010 the final day of the Clear Lake Elite Tournament they are following Skeet Reese and Brian Snowden. Around the 10:46 mark Skeet comes along some fellow anglers and they appear on the feed to ask how he is doing. His response, "Might be doing better if you wouldn't fish here."

The fisherman in question don't appear to have any idea who he is or what the Elite tour is. I understand when pro fisherman get upset with guys that steal a spot that know exactly who they are and what they are doing. This appears to be some people in a boat that don't have any idea that they might be effecting his day. Skeet, try a little class once!

I watch most weight in days online (espn 360) and I for one am sick of Skeet Reese's attitude. Most fans love him because they see him when things are going well for him, and miss the days that he is having bad tournaments. During the days when he is having a great day he is professional, fun and likable but when things are not going his way and the ESPN Bassmaster cameras aren't running he acts in an unprofessional way.

For those that saw it there is no denying that Skeet Reese acted unprofessional because he lost to John Crews by an Ounce in his home state during the Delta Tournament. Well tough, fish better, don't blame John Crews or act like CA owes you something.

Skeet, I am sorry but you need to act more professional. You owe the sport that! You are an amazing fisherman and one of the best doing it today but the sport, the fans, and the fish don't owe you anything! You owe it to us to act more like a professional!

Go Byron Go!!!!!!!!

Byron Velvick is leading the Clear Lake Elite tournament after 3 days and I for one am willing to stand up and say GO BYRON GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can hold a stupid opinion of him because of the Bachelor show but if you do you don't understand fishing. This guy can flat out catch them! I don't care how he looks, acts or how much gel he uses in his hair, the man is a stud fisherman!

I have stated on many chat boards over the years and even on this blog, the man won the US Open TWICE, not an easy tournament to win. If fact Rick Clunn has called that the toughest tournament in the country to win and Byron has won it TWICE! If you don't know about this tournament spend some time looking it up. Some beasts in the tournament world have won this thing and some studs have bombed fishing it.

I hope he blows the doors off this thing today!

GO BYRON GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snell Knot, Time to learn if you don't already know!

I am very excited to report that my findings on hooks is going to blossom into an article that will be submitted to In-Fisherman Magazine. (Not certain it will hit the news stand but will be submitted to them) I have tested many different models of hooks for flipping grass and other techniques that involve the more traditional casting of a plastic worm. During my testing I begin to report my findings to several In-Fisherman staff members and to my total surprise they told me to start writing.

I contacted Tim Norman of Youvella and he put in contact with his prostaff so that I could get detailed information about hooks and why the pros were picking the shapes they were. The main focus of my article will be on the shape of the hook and not the brand. Brand gets into personal preference and into a very controversial topic of brand loyalty and hook points. I decided to focus on shape.

If you are not aware the prostaff for Youvella is Peter T, Ish Monroe, Mike Iaconnelli, and Greg Hackney. I am excited to report that I have heard from several of them and the information is pouring in. The shape of choice will come later but one over riding thing keeps coming up. The knot! That is right the knot being used is very important to the touring pros. I was surprised to hear the excitement in Greg Hackney's voice when he discussed the snell knot. It was excitement not because he was jumping up and down but rather because he was adamant that you must use the snell knot when using heavy weights and braid.

Ish Monroe didn't allow the discussion to go any further when the topic of knots came up. "I use the snell knot for everything now!" (Everything is in regard to sliding or pegged weights in a texas style rig) This mainly to be used in the straight shank hook and the offset. None the less the snell knot is being used when ever the pro's are using a sliding weight.

Interesting stuff! I spent a day experimenting with the knot and to say the least I was very impressed. I would have never believed that a knot could be such a huge difference in my hook up ratio. I used it on all shapes of hooks while using a sliding weight and found that for what ever reason my hook ups started to come in the roof of the mouth rather then the sides or the bottom.

I have included a detailed showing of how to tie the knot. Please try it and see the difference! I was amazed at my results and feel you will be also, enjoy!


The Snell Fishing Knot
The Snell Knot provides a strong connection when fishing with bait and using a separate length of leader. You can only use a Snell Knot with a leader.


Tying a Snell Knot to Fishing Hook, Step 1

1. Insert one end of the leader through the hook's eye, extending 1 to 2 inches past the eye.

Insert the other end of the leader through the eye in the opposite direction pointing toward the barb of the hook.

Hold the hook and leader ends between your thumb and forefinger of left hand. Leader will hang below the hook in a large loop.

Tying a Snell Knot to Fishing Hook, Step 2 2. Take the part of the large lower loop that is closest to the eye and wrap it over the hook shank and both ends of the leader toward the hook's barb.

Tying a Snell Knot to Fishing Hook, Step 3

3. Continue to wrap for 7 or 8 turns and hold wraps with left hand. Grip the end of the leader that is through the eyelet with your right hand and pull it slowly and steadily. Hold the turns with your left hand or the knot will unravel.

When knot is almost tight, slide it up against the eye of the hook. Grip the short end lying along the shank of the hook with a pair of pliers. Pull this end and the standing line at the same time to completely tighten the knot.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Western Anglers

Upon reading a piece today on I was reminded how much of an east coast bias there is in the world of fishing. It amazes me that the rest of the country gives almost no credit to what happens in the west. The US Open is credited by Rick Clunn as being the toughest tournament in the world to win. Still 9 out of 10 bass heads couldn't tell you who if anyone has ever won the event.

The article in question is regarding Byron Velvick and his 2008 season. So many find his season to be a surprise, WHY????? The man has won the US Open not once but TWICE!!!!!!!!! The man can flat out fish. Sure he may wear to much hair products for your taste but why the hell does that give you the right to assume he can't fish. Yes he is the "Bachelor" so what!!!!! So are you telling me that if you were single and ABC wanted to put you on a show with over a dozen beautiful talented woman and you get to date them all and pick one you wouldn't? LIAR!!!!!!!

The western anglers have been forgotten and dismissed as guys who haven't "proven" themselves. Well folks Byron has done more before he left the west then I will ever do in my life in the world of bassfishing. He doesn't need to prove a thing to me. He qualified for the BassMasters Classic and oh by the way won the US Open TWICE!!!!

On a side note, do you know who else has won the US Open, Aaron Martens, he won in 2004 and 2005! Those that read this and think the west is just a bunch of sand with a few anglers that haven't "proven" themselves, think again! The west is perhaps the toughest proving ground there is. The lakes are large, small, clear, dirty, tidal, weedy, barrian, deep, and did I mention at times clear. The west if for real and should be taken seriously.

The names of Skeet Reese, Luke Clausen, Ish Monroe, Dean Rojas, Aaron Martens, Micheal Bennett, Brent Ehrler, Jared Lintner, John Murray, Brett Hite, and oh by the way Bryon Velvick should be respected as great anglers. Sure Skeet and Byron could use a little less hair products but that doesn't take away from the fact that they can fish. Take a look at the next big time tournament and notice the amount of CA guys or Western anglers are on the list and see how well they finished.

There is a ton of Western websites and magazines that bass fishermen should take a look at. Their ideas out west are cutting edge and if you get on them early you might just win a tournament or two and have to see that Byron Velvick can fish!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have to share my fish story!

I have waited my whole life (I am only 33 so take it in stride! LOL) for this to happen and now it has been done three times in a year. The third time was this evening and it was a charm! I am speaking of having a Muskie or a Large Northern Pike eat the fish that I am reeling in. I have two things that I have always wanted to do.

1. Catch two fish with the same crankbait.
2. Have a Pike or Muskie eat the fish that I am reeling in.

Well number two has now happened three times in the same summer. The first was a Pike on Big Marine, the second was a Muskie on White Bear Lake, and the third was a MONSTER Muskie on White Bear Lake.

The third is always a charm. I was fishing a 7" Berkley Power Worm on a deep weed line on White Bear Lake when I felt the common tap tap of a small bass or sunfish. I was reluctant to set the hook as I felt it was nothing more then a sunfish. I finally set the hook and found a small fish to show for my snap of the rod. I reeled the small fish in for about 10 cranks of the reel when suddenly the fish stopped and smoked drag in another direction. I knew right away what had happened. This time I was rewarded by being able to fight the fish for an extended period of time and also seeing the massive fish. I have seen several large Muskies over the years and this one was by far and away the biggest. I would guess her in the 50" class. Perhaps 48 but far and away a monster.

The reason I am able to say the size is I fought the fish for approximately 15 to 20 seconds. The fish was very relaxed and not under stress at all as my hook was never in her mouth. I was able to bring her to the boat twice and got a good look at her a third time. It was a very interesting experience and a real eye opener. The Muskie is a beautiful fish and amazing when it has your fish in it's mouth. I swear it was almost like she knew what was going on and was having as much fun as I was!

I share this story to say, if you have the little fun goals in fishing like this, just stay on the water and they will come true! It was amazing and I am so happy to share my story!